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hotels chania crete | Zorbas Beach Village Hotel | Crete Greece
hotel chania | Zorbas Beach Village Hotel | Chania Crete

Ultimate Destination for unforgettable vacations on the island of Crete!

Welcome to Zorbas Beach Village Hotel, a beachfront complex of 53 Apartments and Studios. This perfect retreat in the city of Chania lies in the most beautiful part of the Akrotiri peninsula.
Our hotel is situated in the most privileged position that boasts stunning views over the Cretan Sea. It is located ideally right on a sandy beach, inside 30.000 m2 of private land.
This is also the beach where the award-winning movie “Zorba the Greek” was shot. Not only that, but it is a marvelous west coast of the island of Crete.

Our place offers unrivaled Cretan hospitality and the feeling of being at home. It is located not far away from the picturesque city of Chania in Crete. Our hotel is also conveniently located 12 km from the airport and only 13 km from Chania city. Zorbas is the ideal combination of accessibility and tranquility.

A triumph of serenity, calm waters and fascinating beachfront village atmosphere!

The beautiful architecture of our property is inspired by an authentic Cretan Village. The stone-built alleys create a sense of being in a traditional village! You will feel connected to the natural beauty that surrounds the island of Crete.

Looking from afar, the hotel looks like a small Cretan settlement, embedded harmoniously into the area. Rooms within beautiful gardens surround the privacy of the guests. At the same time, balconies and terraces have panoramic sea views of the gorgeous Cretan Sea sunset. All of these, dominate in a village hotel that offers quality and comfortable accommodation in Chania.

Here, you will experience a perfect blend of tradition and comfort on a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters! And of course, guests can experience authentic Cretan hospitality.

Relax and let us do the rest!

Visit Zorbas Beach Village Hotel and let yourself relax in a truly welcoming environment! Moreover, you’ll find history, beauty, meticulous care, serenity and genuine hospitality all around you.

The comfortable apartments and studios will make your stay an unforgettable one for three basic reasons. Firstly, you’ll relax with the crystal sea view in front of the hotel. Secondly, you’ll enjoy the excellent homemade traditional food. And thirdly, you’ll feel at home with the very personal approach.

Our hotel is designed with you in mind. We’ve tailored each room but also our amenities, to make your stay as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. We hope our attention to detail shines through each and every moment of your stay!

The hotel is the absolute destination for families, groups of friends, honeymooners or anyone who desires comfortable beach accommodation!

Our aim is to offer ultimate satisfaction in the family atmosphere of our facility. Your stay is guaranteed to be pleasant! You will likely find yourselves visiting every year, as many of our guests do.

If you wish to host an event in our area, please contact us, and we will be glad to assist you.

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Surrender to the diverse yet discreet holiday activities at Zorbas Beach Village Hotel. From active to passive, land to sea, morning till night, there’s something to suit everyone!

Our hotel boasts panoramic ocean views, beautifully appointed rooms, surrounded by lush gardens, offering experiences enriched with bespoke service.



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